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la decollette , the solution for obtaining and maintaining a beautiful, smooth and tight cleavage! Based on the naturally restorative ability of the skin during the night, the antimpel bra does its job effectively. After only one night you will be amazed by the result.
If you have a large cup size, the "la decollette" provides extra support and comfort while sleeping.
If you have had to have a mastectomy due to breast cancer, la decollette support your other breast. If you suffer from painful breasts (mastopathy) then the la decollette can give relief of the pain.

Also Ideal during warm nights to prevent blemish spots or allow them to heal between the breasts.

Only in color black.

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How does la decollette work..
la decollette is very easy to use.

Any woman who is used to wearing a bra will be able to handle this product effortlessly.

As with a regular bra, the closure of la decollette is on the back this closure is very confortable, and you do not feel if you are lying on the back. Both the shoulder and the back strap are adjustable in length, so that each woman can adjust la decollette to her own size.

Make sure that the product is firmly around the body, otherwise it will miss its action.

la decollette is a product that is used at night,so under nightwear, is worn directly on the skin. It is advisable to first provide the cleavage with a moisturising cream before la decollette , and to have it retracted for a while. Furthermore, la decollette does her work during the night.

Because the bra more or less "forces" the breasts to stay in place, there will be no vertical folds at the time when sleeping on the side with the result that there can be no more wrinkle formation.

After only 1 night you will notice the difference and after 5 to 7 nights you will be stunned by the result.

Below a message from "the Striker " 2-12-2012

Anti-wrinkle bra conquers the world

The Dutch Rachel de Boer had a big problem: wrinkles in her cleavage. The former flight attendant slept with a rolled-up pair of socks between her breasts for seven years and then thought it had to be different. So she designed a soft, rectangular garment between the collarbone and the sternum that prevents the breasts from being pressed together at night. Vertical wrinkles are thus a thing of the past, a study in the beauty industry also proves.

The special anti-wrinkle bra was christened la decollette and is already avidly deductive among women in the Netherlands and Europe – and slowly also Australia. However, the success continues now that there has also been an interest in the anti-wrinkle bra in America this week. The chances of stars like Madonna and Beyoncé taking on gravity and old age with De Boer's design are in sight.

Ellen DeGeneres
"To my great surprise, American lifestyle and beauty guru Kym Douglas paid attention to my design during Ellen DeGeneres' hit TV show," says De Boer. That daily live show attracts an average of 8.5 million viewers in America and Canada and another 5.5 million people online. Ellen, known in the Netherlands for the comedy series of the same name, receives world-famous guests such as Madonna, Prince, Beyoncé and Pink. A recurring program part is called the Zany Beauty Tips by lifestyle and beauty expert Kym Douglas.

De Boer: "It's especially nice when these big names know how to find you. This lady only praises what she has tried and what she stands for. When Kym requested a review copy, no bell rang. But when an email followed asking if my product could be on the show, I was completely happy. She really tested the bra for two weeks and is excited about it."

Comédienne DeGeneres makes a bit of a joke about it in the program, as well as about other products that Douglas brings to the attention. De Boer: "That's part of the show. At first, people also react with laughter when they see the anti-wrinkle bra. But you're not going to really laugh until your wrinkles are gone."

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