The Cretans of 2500 BC chose open cups where the breasts were pushed up and put through the clothes, while women from ancient Greece wore a windsel, called mastodeton or apodesmos, during sports.
In the Middle Ages, women relied on long strips of fabric that they tied under the breasts and on the shoulder.
Separation corsets were worn at the end of the 18th century to lift and support the breasts, and as early as 1859 there were bh-like constructions.
However, bhs as we know them did not appear until the end of the 19th century, when a new and healthier female ideal emerged, which included sporting activities and outdoor work.
Despite the changing mores, the BRA was not widely produced and worn until the early 20th century.


Although the materials used have always had a significant impact on the type of bra that is worn, the influence of fashion is perhaps even greater.
Many of the first bras pressed the breasts flat to conform to the youthful, boyish figure the Flapper girls pursued.
In the 1930s, breasts were pront, due to a new wave of bras designed to push up and separate the breasts, as pin ups from Sweater Girl demonstrate.
The trend grew in the 1940s and led to the aggressive "bullet bust", which became popular thanks to Jane Russell in the film The Outlaw.

In the 1950s, the preference was for more feminine - softer and rounder formations a la Marilyn Monroe - and breasts became more lush and free.


In the mid-1960s, models such as Twiggy and Jean Shrimpton, small, pronte breasts got back in. This, together with the burgeoning hippie movement, led to a shift to naturally shaped, bh-less breasts in the 1960s and 1970s.
But not long after, the athletic curves of supermodels like Cindy Crawford increased the demand for paving bras in the late 1980s.
At the end of the century, the slim figures of Kate Moss and Shalom Harlow revived the demand for well-fitting, feather-light bras with their modest busts.


At the turn of the millennium, the clock struck again.
Breasts had to be hefty and round and push ups like Wonderbra and Miracle Bra make it possible for women to increase their natural qualities t.
Seamless and T-shit bras are also available everywhere, and that suggests that we are in the fortunate position that anything is allowed.

Text from " the bra booklet " by Stephanie pedersen

Did you know that:

When your weight changes your breasts also get bigger or smaller. Therefore, regularly measure your bra size.

Since 2000 the average cup size is a C instead of B. About a third of all women now have a D-cup or larger.

The cup size is always viewed in relation to the circumference under the chest. This means that the volume of the cup is not the same for every circumference (band size). The cup letter alone says nothing about the actual size of the breasts. For example, a D-cup is smaller for someone with a narrow waist than a B-cup with someone with a wide waist. For example, the cup at 70B is not the same size as at 85B. While the cup sizes of 70D, 75C and 80B are exactly the same and therefore the same size.
The sizes in the boxes with the same color have the same cup size.

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** Do you often suffer from broken braces?
Annamamelle Tip:
Then your cup size may be too small.. take a cup size larger.
Because the bracket is too small, it is then pulled out of its shape.
Or.. Your size is too tight, also this also causes the bracket to be pulled out of its shape

**Create a collection of five,six good bras for everyday use

** A bra lasts about a year and a half, buy a new one every season

**A pre-shaped bra is a dish that covers your chest. With an unformed you create a narrower fit.....................

**The bra is 100 years old**, in 1914 Mary Phelps patented her bust-slader, made from silk handkerchiefs and a rose ribbon, now in 2014 there is a "smart bra" from the Japanese brand Ravijour with built-in heart rate monitor. Does a suitable man appear? then light up a rose light between the breasts. Only then can the man in question loosen the bra................

**From now on a coupeuse present for entertaining your BRA or Body ask further for more information about this, it sometimes offers a solution !.............

Annamamelle "tingle"
Menstruating is not a party, and all the additional ailments don't exactly make the monthly feast any more fun. Take the pain in your. Where does it come from and more importantly; How do we get rid of it?

This pain in your breasts has a name, namely 'fibrocystic breast condition (FBC)'.

According to Lee Shulman, a scientist at the Feinberg School of Medicine at Northwestern University in America, as many as 72 percent of women suffer from this monthly ailment. The cause lies with the change in your natural hormone fluctuation at the time of your period. In addition, your sore breasts can also arise from your contraception that repels hormones that make your body react with 'pain'. According to Shulman, the vaginal ring, the contraceptive patch and the pill are also known causes of pain in your breasts.

Fortunately, according to Shulman, there are solutions to ease the pain. This is the best way to use steroid-free and hormone-free painkillers. But also drinking another bra or less coffee can relieve the discomfort, according to the scientist. Source