• ABC breastcare

    ABC breastcare

    prosthetic bras of abc breastcare, comfortable prosthetic bra with pre-closure. abc breastcare has breast prosthesis bras and breast prosthetics. This leisure prosthesis Bra with front closure is especially for comfort. 95% cotton, only the tyre is made of elstic material

  • Amoena


    Amoena is a world-renowned brand for your breast prosthesis bra, prosthetic bra, and breast prosthesis, contact prosthesis or contact breast prosthesis or your bra after breast reconstruction or chest surgery bra after mastectomy

    The Eva Bra for post-breast reconstruction, bra after breast surgery, bra after breast augmentation or bra after reduction, has seamless cups and the bottom strap is wide so that it does not rub over the wounds. This medical bra after breast surgery with pre-closure is a bestseller. Black bra after breast surgery, or black sports bra with pre-closure after breast surgery such as breast reduction or breast augmentation.

    also the breast prosthesis bra or prosthetic bra is fully adapted for the amoena breast prosthesis. There are several models of breast prosthesis, such as the amoena contact prosthesis.

    Amoena prosthetic lingerie, and breast prosthesis lingerie

    All Amoena breast prosthesis bra models have a case in the left cup and in the right cup. The breast prosthesis fits completely in the cup and is therefore invisible. Most prosthetic bras have slightly wider comfortable shoulder straps. There are also halter models and bracket bras available in our prosthetic bra series, or the nice comfortable smooth Amoena Mona prosthetic bra... furthermore, we also offer them very fashionable smooth prosthetic bras from Amoena including the seductive "seduction" line. There are also prosthetic swimsuits and prtheese bikinis available in different colors.

    Also for bra with pre-closure after bra after breast surgery, bra after breast reconstruction and bra after mastectomy

    smooth t shirt prosthetic bra, preformed prosthetic bra

  • la decollette

    la decollette

    La Decollette , the solution for obtaining and maintaining a beautiful, smooth and tight cleavage! Based on the naturally restorative ability of the skin during the night, the antimpel bra does its job effectively. After only one night you will be amazed by the result. Also women who have undergone a mastectomy experience a lot of ease and comfort while sleeping with the cleavage.

  • magic bodyfashion

    magic bodyfashion

    The only perfectly adhesive silicone bra ! The AMAZING BRA completely invisible under clothing! This silicone slab-bra is easy to apply and leaves the shoulders and back completely free of bra straps. Also a delicious Bra if your breasts don't quite have a nice curveS to use again and again, clean it with a soft soap, let it carry to the air, and re-use it. beautiful product of magic bodyfashion.

  • miss perfect

    miss perfect

    Miss Perfect bra accessories, loose braces for the bra, and silicone shell or shell prosthetics padding miss perfect for balancing your breasts if they are uneven, or exhibit irregularities.

    Also for bra extensions or bra clips

  • naturana ondermode

    naturana ondermode

    Delicious affordable underwear from naturana such as prosthetic bras and brads with foam cups or padded cups

  • nicole schoutens stomalingerie

    nicole schoutens stomalingerie

    The stoma lingerie of nicole schoutens is very comfortable and beautiful to wear. The briefs have a nice lace edge on the top and each slip has an inner pocket for accommodating the colostomy bag. The briefs are also used as corrective lingerie by women who do not have stoma

    Also men's stoma underwear, men's stoma briefs

  • Pure Lime

    Pure Lime

    sport bra pure lime with front closure large cup sizes

    Very good supporting sport BH with front closure of pure lime for after breast surgery also for the larger cup sizes

    Is very comfortable and supportive. Helps reduce swelling and thus accelerates the healing process,This sport bra with pre-closure is for women who have undergone breast surgery such as breast augmentation breast reduction or reconstruction. read on by description..

    Also approval Plastic Surgeons.

    cup sizes 70-90 B C D E F G

  • Royce lingery

    Royce lingery

    Beautiful bras without bracket tm cup h

    Bra without bracket large cup size also small cup mates such as cup size a and cup aa.

  • schiesser


    schiesser and slip of schiesser in large sizes women's slip

  • shock absorber

    shock absorber

    sport bh of shock absorber with zipper front for possibly after breast surgery or during exercise. stabilizes the breasts very well and looks smooth !

  • silima


    nipple prosthesis, nipple prostheses, silima nipple prosthesis for

    These beautiful skin-friendly silima silicone mamillen can be applied directly to the skin possibly after breast-reducing surgery or breast reconstruction.
    The mamille can also be placed on a breast prosthesis.

    These natural-looking nipple prostheses are very easy to apply, and have a regenerated adhesive layer.

    Carefully remove the nipple prosthesis (mamille) from the packaging and place it on the cleaned uncremated skin.

    Care advice is to clean the nipple prostheses after wearing , with a mild washing lotion or other liquid soap and rinse with clear water, do not use a brush, and then simply with a towel dry cap.

    available in 2 sizes:

    40 mm areola with 9 mm nipple

    52 mm areola with 12 mm nipple

  • susa lingerie

    susa lingerie

    Susa Lingerie for breast prosthesis bras or small cup bras as well as cotton bras

  • Triumph


    Triumph softsensation bra of triumph for cup A and cup AA, small cup sizes, small cup size

    The "bestseller" Triumph Doreen + cotton + cotton is a bra tm F cup without bracket. This Triumph Doreen provides extra comfort, support and is slightly corrective. Has wider comfortable shoulder straps for unltasting your shoulders. The Triumph Doreen Cotton is available in white, (some models still in skin color).

    Also doreen+ cotton BS pantylette, or the doreen with gastric band bra

    80 - 100 cup B and C

    80 - 115 cup D tm F

  • Ulla dessous

    Ulla dessous

    Ulla is a high quality lingerie brand for bras and lingerie for large cup sizes with very good fit and support The Ulla BRA has very noble lace lingerie, but also fantastic sports bras and body's. The Ulla underwear is there for under a nice blouse or shirt, or under a (tight) dress, a good bra for every day and every activity.. This big cup brand has already won many awards

    Ulla Dessous lingerie is made in our own studio in Leinach (Germany) see video below. In 1948 Ulla started as a lingerie studio in functional lingerie today Ulla is a successful lingerie company with already the 3rd generation of the Weidauer family. In our range are the ulla estelle bh,ulla amelie bh,ulla carla bh,ulla carmen bh,ulla kate bra,

    The bh sizes run from cup B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J, K, L, tm cup N

    Size 65-70-75-80-85-90-95-100-105-110-115-120-125 tm130 cm